This is just a page to allow easy data sharing.

I will put documents/steps etc up here as I receive them. Every time something is added/changed there will be a round robin e-mail so everyone knows.


Notation template. This is a MS Word document which I use to type up the notations. It is in A4 format. The sections are tables which can easily be amended/copied. I remove the gridlines before printing the books.

IRT2.ttf This is the font file which is needed for the modifier columns of the template.

A list giving the key depressions required to generate the standatd modifers in IRT2 is here.

Notepaper. Is available as a template in format, and as straightforward blank headed paper in .pdf format for those who want to write longhand. I thought this might be useful when making initial contacts etc.


Draft constitution. For comment.

Minutes of the IRT meeting 30th January 2010.

Ellwood contact names and basic information.
Hazel's first draft of possible questions for informants.

Articles etc.

Newspaper cuttings.

Hornpipe Steps

From Peter Brown.

From Mary Jamieson.

Hornpipe Steps Listed by Category.